Stirling Albion chairman Stuart Brown has responded to allegations involving three of the club’s players.

Ross Smith, Steven Doris and Mark Lamont were reported to have been involved in an incident at a Premier Inn in the city which resulted in police being called, and the club have launched an investigation, writes Jamie Hall.

However, the chairman has criticised the report, which emerged on Thursday, labelling it “inaccurate”.

Brown told Stirling News: “I am aware of the incident referred to in The Scottish Sun and an internal investigation is ongoing. At this point in time, with the evidence available to me, whilst not condoning the behaviour of any of our players alleged to have been involved, I can state categorically that the newspaper article in question is dramatically overstated and contains numerous inaccuracies.”

Brown insisted that the club remain on good terms with the staff of the hotel, which is located just a few hundred metres from Forthbank Stadium.

He added: “I would like to add that my discussions with the Premier Inn Management have been extremely cordial. They have handled the matter very professionally and our relationship remains strong and untarnished.

“No further official comment will be forthcoming until the internal investigation is complete.”