ACTIVE STIRLING held its fourth annual Skate UK and Skate Star's annual mini Christmas gala earlier this month at The PEAK.

Over two days, December 14 and 15, the ice rink was rammed full of eager young skaters with a range of experience levels taking part.

Audiences were delighted as over 200 skaters aged 5-16 years, from Active Stirling's Learn to Skate and Skate Star programmes performed festive themed routines on the ice in five performances over the weekend.

The skaters had been practicing for the galas in the weeks leading up to the show, piecing together routines that showcased the skills they have developed during their lessons. Performances ranged from absolute beginner level, up to NISA level 1 standard.

The galas also featured guest performances from competitive level skaters in the Stirling New Figure Skating Club, performed between displays. Many of whom, began their skating journey in Active Stirling's Skate UK programme and now compete at open competition all over the UK.

Gary Mackintosh, Active Stirling's programme development manager said: "It was fantastic so see so many of our skaters take part in the mini Christmas show and for some it was their first performance in front of an audience on the ice.

"All the skaters had fun working together and showing off the skills they've learned throughout the year."

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