A new resource for the oil and gas industry has been launched aimed at preventing a repeat of offshore incidents such as the Piper Alpha disaster.

The initiative, Encompassing the Future: Offshore Oil and Gas Operations, brings together 40 years of knowledge in environmental, health and safety and performance management to be shared with current and future oil and gas workers.

It was launched in Aberdeen by Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse, and welcomed by Lord Cullen, who led a public inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster.

The Piper Alpha platform off the coast of Aberdeen exploded in July 1988, killing 167 people.

Lord Cullen said: "Painful lessons were learnt from the tragic events on July 6 1988. These lessons, like so many others in the industry, must never be forgotten.

"They should be used to ensure the safety of the people who work in it, the protection of the environment and the overall economic health and sustainability of offshore operations.

"The 10 volumes of this resource will be an essential knowledge bank to pass on lessons learnt to the next generation, making sure that the industry retains the full benefit of years of expertise and experience."

Mr Wheelhouse said: "The oil and gas industry makes a huge contribution to the Scottish economy, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

"Ensuring that the highest safety standards are applied across the industry is, of course, a key priority for all of us, and it is also essential to North Sea sustainability in the long run.

"This repository should represent the 'gold standard' for health and safety, and environmental management - not just for Scotland but for the rest of the world.

"The Scottish Government, along with academia and industry partners, is very happy to have been able to help fund the repository and we strongly support it.