WALKERS are set to benefit from the completion of a £100,000 renovation to improve the path network around Stirling’s historic Kings Park.

Work has begun on the final phase of improvements to the park’s Upper Path, which provides superb views of iconic sites such as Stirling Castle, Gillies Hill and the Carse of Stirling towards Ben Vorlich.

During wet weather parts of the Upper Path become extremely muddy and access is restricted due to excessive plant growth, resulting in walkers using parts of the golf course fairway.

In 2015 The Kings Park Path Group, comprising the Kings Park Community Council, Friends of Kings Park, Stirling Golf Club and Stirling Council, commissioned a feasibility report for improving the path network in Kings Park.

Following the success of both the Lower Path and Douglas Terrace steps improvements, completed in early 2017, Stirling Council assisted the Kings Park Community Council to secure more than £100,000 Scottish Government funding to improve the Upper Path.

The enhancements, delivered by Stirling Council Roads and Land Services, will greatly improve the surface and open up parts of the path, and viewpoints, that have been lost due to excessive plant growth, as well as addressing the issues relating to walking on the golf course. Work is due to be completed by mid-January 2018.

Convenor of the Environment and Housing Committee, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “This has been a fantastic co-ordinated effort from each member of the Kings Park Path Group to bring these plans to fruition.

"We hope that, when the path is completed in the New Year, that locals and visitors alike will enjoy this walk around Kings Park and admire the superb views.”

King’s Park Paths group leader, Andrew Hipkin, said: “We are very pleased with the improvements to the Upper Path carried out by Stirling Council as they will achieve our aim of improving access for a wider range of people.

"The improved paths will also allow better management of the vegetation for the benefit of walkers and wildlife.”

Stirling Golf Club representative, George Clelland, said: “A well-constructed paths network will greatly enhance the overall amenity of Kings Park and allow both path users and golfers to co-exist in a much safer environment. We look forward to the project being completed."

Stirling Council will maintain the path corridors, but volunteers will be needed for some of the wider areas.

The King’s Park Paths Group would be pleased to hear from individuals or groups with their ideas for making more use of the park. 

Contact the secretary Andrew Hipkin if interested.