TV LICENSING is calling on people in Stirling to ‘go paperless’ by purchasing and managing their TV Licence online. 

More customers in the area are switching to online communications than ever before and, in the past year, numbers of those opting to choose a licence by email have increased in the FK postcode region by 17 per cent.

Teaming up with Money Advice Scotland to kick off the Scotland-wide drive, TV Licensing is outlining the benefits of making the switch to online communication in a bid to boost sign ups to licences by email. 

Going paperless enables TV Licence holders to manage their licences online, significantly cutting down on paper and providing another resource to help manage funds. 

TV Licensing is hoping to get nationwide support of the campaign to ‘go paperless’ as online uptake means less would be spent on creating paper versions of a licence so more money can be available for BBC programmes and services.

Fergus Reid, spokesperson for TV Licensing in Scotland, said: “As people continue to manage more and more elements of their lives online such as banking, household bills and shopping, it makes sense that they should also go digital with their TV Licence.

“It allows people to keep on top of their licences without the hassle of keeping hard copies of paperwork.” 

Yvonne Macdermid, chief executive at Money Advice Scotland, said: “Money Advice Scotland welcomes the move to paperless licences, which for many people in Scotland will enable them to keep track of their licence in a secure way.

“However, for some parts of the population who do not have access to email, a conventional method of purchasing and receiving a licence in the post needs to be retained.”

Existing and new customers can switch to an e-licence, and personal details such as name, address and preferred payment date can all be updated via the website. 

Those paying by Direct Debit or in one annual payment, can immediately switch to a licence by email. 

As was the case with a paper licence, they can continue to view their licence and payments online.

New customers can choose to access their TV Licence online and receive email communications when they register for a new licence.

A colour TV Licence currently costs £147 and is required by anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they are shown on TV. This also means that a TV Licence is also needed to watch or download BBC programmes on iPlayer. 

This applies whether using a TV set, computer, or any other equipment.

You can visit the TV Licensing website to find more information about when you need a TV Licence.