Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has said the drive towards environmental sustainability is going to produce “the fastest cars the world has ever seen”.

He was speaking after test-driving the Volkswagen ID-R electric racing car for the programme, which he described as an “amazing feeling”.

Harris told the PA news agency: “People think the future is all about being green and clean.

Top Gear
The future of driving is going to be “incredible”, according to Chris Harris (Ian West/PA)

“It’s going to produce the fastest cars the world has ever seen.

“It is going to be incredible, it is going to be a speed fest.”

The presenter said test-driving the ID-R on a Portuguese race track left him feeling “absolutely splattered”, adding: “My neck muscles were gone.

“I didn’t feel right for a few days after.”

Harris said the car’s “violent performance” had probably contributed towards this, adding: “It was a hot day and there was no air in the car.

“I was in this thing for a long, long time.”

Top Gear
Footage of the test drive was broadcast on Sunday (Ian West/PA)

He added that the electric car’s performance was “in some ways more violent than a Formula One car”.

“You feel your face being ripped back. I just didn’t expect it,” he added.

Footage of Harris driving the ID-R was broadcast in Sunday’s episode of Top Gear.

During the programme, Harris also has a drag race with fellow hosts Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness.

The trio were driving a Nissan GTR, a motorised trike and a converted garden shed respectively.

The programme also featured YouTube star KSI as the Star In A Reasonably Fast Car.

Top Gear continues at 8pm on BBC Two.