The National Wallace Monument in Stirling is encouraging parents to give their children a fun day out with an educational twist this summer.

This comes in response to recent eye-opening figures published regarding how children are spending their holidays.

The recent study found that, on average, children spend six full days of the summer holidays in front of a screen - either watching TV or playing video games.

And with this on the rise, parents are increasingly looking for stimulating and educational days out to fill the summer holidays.

The summer months at the monument, one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions, are filled with activities for all the family, designed to engage visitors of all ages with Scottish history.

These include ‘Tales from the Battlefield’, a live performance telling the story of an injured English soldier who stumbles into the woods after the Battle of Stirling Bridge and meets one of Wallace’s army and ‘A Walk with Wallace’, a 45 minute guided walk with costumed actors telling the story of Wallace’s famous encounter with King Edward.

Visitors to the National Wallace Monument can then discover more about the life of the Scottish patriot and martyr Sir William Wallace by exploring the magnificent Monument where Wallace’s life and legacy is told in three galleries - one of which features his legendary battle sword.

An impressive 246 steps can be climbed to reach the top of the Monument, where visitors can stand in the ‘crown’ and take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of central Scotland and the Highlands to the north.

This August the National Wallace Monument will also be marking the 710th anniversary of William Wallace’s betrayal and capture on 5th and his execution on 23 August 1305.

To mark these important dates in the William Wallace story, presentations by costumed actors will take place at the monument.

A top visitor attraction, The National Wallace Monument features the newly refurbished coffee shop Legends, free car parking and a Gift Shop.