FORTH VALLEY is doing its part in the nationwide Race for Recipients for Organ and Tissue Donation Week.

Race for Recipients started on Saturday, September 16 from 6am and will run until midnight on Sunday, September 24.

Participants are urged to complete three key challenges – 9km over the week to represent the nine lives saved by one donor, 7000km to represent the number of people waiting for a transplant or 50,000km to represent the number of people living with a transplant.

The PEAK in Stirling has teamed up with NHS Forth Valley to support the race and is encouraging as many people as they can to get involved.

Dougie Porteous, interim head of sport, physical activity and inclusion, said: “We know our fantastic members and community will get behind this cause and contribute miles through walking, running, cycling, swimming, skating and climbing and no doubt many other ways.

“Race for Recipients is not only a great way to keep active but helps promote the impact that organ donation has for people in our communities.

“We encourage everyone to sign up for Race for Recipients and log your miles for NHS Forth Valley. With your help, Forth Valley hopes to cross the finishing line as number one in the UK.”

Anyone interested in taking part can join the Forth Valley team by registering at

Members should add their region as Scotland and put their team down as NHS Forth Valley.

This is free to enter and sponsorship is not needed.