AN ALLOA woman had to run from her own home after being attacked and raped by an "on-off" partner.

Police found the 29-year-old is a state of distress and unable to speak after being attacked by Ruaraidh McCartney.

The incident took place almost two years ago and sparked an investigation into the accused and his past relationships.

As a result, McCartney, a former farmworker, was charged and later convicted of raping three separate women.

He was told, after being found guilty at the High Court in Stirling, that he is facing a lengthy prison sentence.

All three women had begged the accused to stop during what began as consensual sexual encounters but turned increasingly violent and forced.

One woman was repeatedly raped by McCartney at addresses in and around Crieff, Perthshire, between January 2011 and April 2013.

She said he had "got a thrill out of seeing her in pain", and had also kicked her, headbutted her, part-strangled her, pulled her nipples and beaten her buttocks.

Another woman, who lived with him in Stirling for nearly two years, said that in the autumn or winter of 2019, they had started having sex when she became uncomfortable and asked him to stop.

She tried to leave the room, but he grabbed her, pushed her down and carried on.

The woman said she was left in floods of tears, while McCartney simply smirked afterwards.

She told the jury: "It's a look I remember to this day."

He was arrested after raping the third complainer, an Alloa woman described as his "on-off girlfriend" on September 18, 2021, after they'd gone clubbing.

The court heard he laughed when she told him he was being too rough and had begged him to stop.

After he refused, she pulled on some pyjamas, grabbed her phone and ran from the house before calling the police "hysterical".

Officers sped to the scene and found her sitting on the pavement near her home, crying and "rocking", and initially so distressed she was unable to speak.

McCartney, 29, was arrested still inside her house, with officers finding him in her bed.

At the end of a seven-day trial on Wednesday, July 5, a jury found McCartney, of Crieff, guilty of raping all three women – the first one repeatedly.

Prosecutor Leigh Lawrie said: "The evidence before the court was of a course of criminal conduct, persistently pursued by [McCartney], involving the rape and sexual assault of three women.

"Consensual sexual activity degenerated into McCartney taking matters too far, to a level of sexual violence.

"He placed his own sexual gratification above their continued consent. Their resistance increased his pleasure."

Judge Lord Summers deferred sentence until August 1 at the High Court in Lanark for reports, and remanded McCartney in custody.

Tony Graham, KC, for the defence, will address the court then.