A TRAVEL vaccination service has been introduced at NHS Forth Valley to replace appointments with the GP.

Holidaymakers will be able to attend the vaccination clinic based at Falkirk Community Hospital instead of having to make an appointment with their local practice for jabs related to travel.

Folks will still be able to access a number of private travel vaccination services across the Forth Valley.

Some vaccines are free on the NHS to protect against diseases being brought into the country.

These include the Revaxis vaccine to protect against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera vaccines.

As has been the case, some vaccinations incur a charge, including hepatitis B, Japanese and tick borne encephalitis, meningococcal ACWY and rabies.

Fiona Coan, manager of the Immunisation Team at NHS Forth Valley, said: “As part of the Scottish Government’s national Vaccine Transformation Programme, NHS Forth Valley has introduced a new Travel Health Service which replaces the travel health advice and vaccination service previously provided by local GP practices.

“The Travel Health Service provides a range of vaccinations which are available for free on the NHS as well as number of travel vaccinations which are available to pay for on a private basis.

“Our Travel Vaccination Hub is based at Falkirk Community Hospital and staffed by a team of highly trained immunisation nurses with specialist experience in travel health and medicine.”

Anyone requiring yellow fever vaccination will be directed to a registered centre and those who require a course of treatment to protect against malaria will be given advice and guidance.

Those requiring a vaccination for travel are encouraged to book at least six to eight weeks in advance.

People can check which vaccinations they may require for travel at fitfortravel.nhs.uk and visit travel.nhsforthvalley.com to book an appointment.

Those unable to access the website can call 0800 130 3120.