A PARTNERSHIP has been formed between The Church of the Holy Rude and Stirling District Tourism Ltd (SDT) to guarantee the future of the site.

The Church, located near Stirling Castle, aims to become a leading visitor attraction by extending its purpose as a place of worship and to also expand visitor numbers.

SDT plans on developing a creative programme of cultural initiatives including adding exhibitions and launching a website to explore the Church’s past.

Reverand Alan Miller said: “I am hugely excited about this opportunity to reveal our stunning Church and to gain a greater appreciation for its beauty and historical significance.

“It will remain a place of worship for our much-valued church community, and I am confident that everyone will see the benefits this partnership will bring to secure our beloved church’s future.”

SDT will takeover and oversee visitor services, information management and visitor engagement. They also plan on revamping the Church’s marketing and PR to put it on Scotland’s visitor map.

Visitors can expect to see the calendar of non-religious events from May 1 alongside the programme of religious occurrences at the Church.

Zillah Jamieson, chair of SDT, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to build on the number of people who have already visited this stunning building.

“Our aim is to provide visitors from across Scotland and beyond the opportunity to explore this glorious building while generating much needed income to conserve this historic gem.”