A SIX year old boy found a giant puzzle piece at a Stirling safari park recently as part of a UK wide challenge.

Radio 1 listeners will know that Breakfast Show DJ Greg James has been on a bit of a mission  to win back his radio show and was tasked with completing a Giant Jigsaw Challenge, collecting 20 giant foam puzzle pieces from across the UK. 

The challenge began on Wednesday, July 20 and wasn’t completed until five days later. The pieces turned up in a wide variety of interesting places, including in a shark tank and on Love Island’s Aftersun.

One of these elusive jigsaw pieces found its way into the Lemur Land section of Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling. The lemurs were certainly very curious about the new addition to their habitat and spent a great deal of time investigating the puzzle piece.  

The piece was eventually discovered in a tree by two visitors, six-year-old Mylo Forsyth and his dad Matthew, as they explored the free-roaming lemur enclosure.

When Newsbeat presenter Calum Leslie came rushing over to collect it, Lemur Land keeper Lesley Rodger treated everyone to some hand-feeding with the lemurs as a reward for all their efforts.

Lesley said “Our lemurs loved being part of the Radio Giant Puzzle Challenge.  They were all very interested in the puzzle piece, and Greg may find a few tiny chew marks on it if he looks closely enough.”

Callum then took the jigsaw piece back to Greg in Brighton where the puzzle was eventually assembled. 

The completed puzzle formed a giant Radio 1 logo.