AN APPEAL for information has been launched following the suspected poisoning of two cats in Forth Valley.

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after two seriously ill cats were found within 24 hours in Fallin.

One of the cats is now receiving care from the Scottish SPCA.

However, the other cat's injuries were so severe it was put to sleep on veterinary advice.

Scotland's animal welfare charity was alerted to the cats – found on the same street within 24 hours – by members of the public.

The cats were found on Polmaise Crescent in Fallin on Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23.

Eilidh Hoehle, Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer, said: "The first cat found was quite underweight, and had ulcers and swelling in his mouth.

"Thankfully, he is now receiving the care he needs at one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres.

"The second cat, found just 24 hours later, was a male, ginger short hair.

"Sadly, his mouth was so severely ulcerated that it was too late to provide treatment.

"He would have been in a lot of pain, and he was extremely emaciated as the ulceration had caused severe swelling.

"The cat's tongue was also burnt which the vets confirmed is usually caused by licking something acidic or poisonous.

"Due to the extent of this animal's condition, it was decided on veterinary advice that the kindest thing to do would be to put him to sleep and end his suffering."

With both cats being found within such a short time period in the same area, there are concerns that these incidents were done on purpose.

Eilidh continued: "As both cats were found on the same street within 24 hours, we are concerned that these were potentially deliberate acts of poisoning and are urging the public to report anything suspicious.

"However, these cats may have accessed a garage or shed where antifreeze or something similar has leaked.

"We are appealing for local resident to please check anywhere that they think might be a risk.

"Antifreeze, ethylene glycol, is highly poisonous to cats and causes a very slow, painful death.

"It is essential that anyone stores this out of reach of cats or other animals and checks routinely to make sure there are no leaks.

"We'd also ask local cat owners to be vigilant and to seek urgent veterinary treatment if their cat appears unwell."

Anyone who has information on these incidents can contact the confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.