Scotland is in for its second heatwave of the summer this week, with temperatures set to rise over coming days.

People around Scotland will see temperatures reach over 20 degrees, in a hot weather spell that could stay for well over a week. 

It may not be blazing sunshine, but it will feel hot all week and there is little rain forecast despite the cloud coverage. 

The best news is perhaps that temperatures are most likely to peak at the weekend, meaning people can take full advantage of the unusually good Scottish forecast. 

Here's everything you need to know about Scotland's incoming heatwave...

What is the forecast around Scotland? 

The good weather looks set to cover the majority of Scotland, with temperatures above 20 degrees predicted in most areas. 

From Tuesday onwards, Glasgow will hover above 21 degrees, reaching 24 at the weekend. 

Edinburgh and Perth will see similar conditions, with temperatures again peaking on Saturday and Sunday. 

Although Aberdeen and the north-east will be cooler overall, it will remain warm at plus 20 degrees. 

Temperatures in the western isles will be slightly lower, however they should still hit the high teens. 

The good spell of weather is undoubtedly welcome after last week's heavy rain and flash flooding wreaked havoc across the country. 

What about UV levels? 

Of course, hot weather often brings an increase in UV levels which can cause sun damage and health problems. 

UV levels will range from 4 to 6 in Scotland over the coming days which is relatively  high.

The best way to protect yourself is to always wear suncream on your face and exposed body parts, as UV light can still shine through cloud cover.