A CAT which went missing for 12 years after a trip to the Trossachs has moved into her fur-ever home.

Georgie the cat hit the headlines in the summer after she turned up 12 years after her Greater Manchester-based owners had taken her on a family camping holiday.

The furry feline was discovered to have been living in the grounds of a Loch Lomond campsite where she, despite becoming a much-loved fixture around the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park site in Rowardennen, lived the tough life of a stray, enduring the harsh winters outdoors.

When the campsite was forced to close during the first Scottish lockdown – meaning there would be no-one on site to keep their eye on her – staff called in Cats Protection for help.

The charity’s Glasgow Adoption Centre, in line with protocol, scanned for a microchip and found the wandering moggie's former owners.

Amy Davies was surprised and overjoyed to learn Georgie had been found but a change in her personal circumstances meant she was unable to have her pet back so made the difficult decision to allow her to be adopted.

Georgie remained at the adoption centre for four months while dedicated staff gave her time and space to recuperate.

She has now been taken on by Glasgow school teacher Margaret Petrie who was looking for a new cat companion, having lost her previous pet, Cheddar, to illness.

“It’s always good to have a wee cat," said Margaret. "I hadn’t heard about Georgie’s story when I was looking at the centre’s website, but I was looking to home a cat that other people might not want. I was heartbroken when I heard what a tough life she’d had.

“Years ago, my old cat Poppy escaped on a trip to the vets and I never gave up searching for her, putting up flyers and leaflets through doors. She turned up after six weeks of living in the wild, including through fireworks night, and I was so happy.”

Georgie has settled in well to her new home and spends much of ther time in her favourite spot on a memory foam mattress by the radiator.

“Georgie’s very affectionate, friendly and loving and will come in and in say hello when I’m sitting in the lounge, before returning to her bed," added Margaret.

"She could go out if she wanted but she isn’t very mobile and prefers to stay indoors after such a long time spent living outdoors."

Glasgow Adoption Centre manager Andy Currie was delighted that Georgie has found a new home.

"We wish them all the best for the future," he said. "“We also want to remind people of the importance of microchipping, and keeping registration details updated, so that if your cat should unfortunately go missing there is a much better chance of being reunited.”