A WOMAN who unleashed a torrent of racist remarks and spat at police has been placed on a curfew for more than 100 days.

Karen Smith received the community-based sentence during an appearance at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, November 19.

The 39-year-old appeared in relation to five charges: one of abusive behaviour, one of racially aggravated harassment, and three of assaulting police officers.

Prosecutor Susannah Hutchison said Smith kicked off in Alva on October 27 last year.

A man had called police and asked them to remove Smith from his home, as she had "consumed too much alcohol".

When officers arrived, she became abuse, telling them to "f**k off" and stating: "Get to f**k, I'll f*****g bite you."

She was handcuffed; however, she managed to slip one hand out from the shackles.

When an officer went to reapply them, Smith scratched them on the hand to their "slight injury".

After being taken to Falkirk Police Office she began making racist remarks towards a police constable.

She said: "You're a f*****g foreigner; don't f*****g speak to me you foreigner."

And: "Shut your f*****g mouth you f*****g foreigner, you don't get to speak in my country – you can't even speak Scottish."

Ms Hutchison said Smith proceeded to spit towards a police constable, kick them on the leg and then attempt to bite them.

Shortly after, she then assaulted a police custody support officer by attempting to spit at them.

In court last week, solicitor Alastair Ross described his client's actions as a "catalogue of appalling behaviour".

He said "something had been put in her drink" on the night in question.

And he claimed Smith had experienced personal issues for which she has been proactively seeking support.

Sheriff Craig Harris said he was satisfied there were "terrible personal circumstances in Ms Smith's background" and the incident took place off the back of those circumstances.

He then placed Smith, of Sutherland Avenue in Stirling, under supervision for 12 months and imposed a 7pm-7am curfew for 135 days.