A PROPERTY factor based in Stirling is being showcased as best in practice in the UK.

Bosses are celebrating at Ethical Maintenance CIC after being featured in The Parliamnetary Review as a Best Practice Representative for 2020.

Founded in 2007, the community interest company (CIC) set out to make a difference on the market at a time when the debate about property management in Scotland was in full swing.

Kevin Wilkinson, founder and managing director of the company, said: “We wanted to show we cared, to be responsive and to make the market a better place.

“These values shaped Ethical Maintenance to be different.”

As the article details, the company has been seeking to empower homeowners to control the tailored services provided.

The CIC offers a pro bono service to help homeowners take control of their building or housing estate by explaining the powers they have in their Title Deeds.

This is a no-commitment service, and homeowners do not need to take up Ethical Maintenance’s services to use it.

The Ethical Maintenance website offers its homeowners a unique information system which shows what jobs are being done on a property, when the work has been done, and allows owners to comment on the work.

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