KEVIN PATRICK McGOWAN will be channelling his inner John Lennon when he unveils his latest track this month.

The Stirling-born singer, who grew up in Alloa, has been inspired by The Beatles' man and his messages through the years.

He wrote Lennon Said a while back and had no real plans to release it.

However, with the world in a state of flux at the moment, McGowan thought now would be a good time to spread Lennon's words.

The release date has been set down for October 9, 2020 – what would have been the late star's 80th birthday.

McGowan told The Weekender: "The world really needs a John Lennon type artist in these times, but unfortunately we don't have one – so I feel getting his message out there is the best we can do.

"John spoke about protesting and change, but he meant peaceful protest, coming together, and that the real revolution started within ourselves.

"It sounds like some deep hippy utopia, but for me it's the truth. Nothing really changes if we don't change ourselves."

The singer added: "I wrote the song Lennon Said a few years ago and didn't release it, but with this year being what would have been his 80th birthday and also the climate we are living in, I thought that this would be a perfect time to do so."

Lennon Said will be released Friday, October 9.