Pupils across Scotland will have to wear face coverings in schools from next week, the Scottish Government has confirmed.

The updated guidance comes off the back of new public health advice, including World Health Organisation guidelines. 

So who has to wear a mask? And is it mandatory? 

Here, we detail out everything you need to know:

Who should now wear coverings?

In secondary schools, adults and all pupils moving around the school, such as in corridors and communal areas, where physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

However, like in shops and other indoor spaces where masks are mandatory, the Scottish Government accepts there will be some exceptions - including people with certain health conditions.

When will this come into force?

The new guidance will apply from Monday, August 31.

Will schools provide coverings?

Nicola Sturgeon said plans will be in place for schools to provide extra coverings, to ensure no-one goes without a covering who wants one.

Stirling News: Concerns were raised over a lack of social distancing in schoolsConcerns were raised over a lack of social distancing in schools

What about on school transport?

The new guidance says that all children aged five and over should wear a face covering on dedicated school transport. This is now brought into line with the public transport guidance.

What about primary school children?

With the exception of school buses as outlined above, the new guidance in schools only applies to secondary school pupils. 

Do they need to be worn in class?

While staff and students can continue to wear face coverings if they wish to, they will not generally be necessary in the classroom.

This is because there is greater scope for physical distancing and face coverings can have an impact on teaching.

However it remains the case that where adults cannot keep 2m distance and are interacting face-to-face for a sustained period (about 15 minutes or more), face coverings should be worn

Can a child be excluded for not wearing one?

It is expected that the guidance will state that pupils should not be excluded from school if they do not wish to wear a face covering.

Can someone help my child with their covering?

Education Secretary John Swinney said: “Schools will be asked to ensure children and young people have clear instructions on how to put on, remove, and store face coverings.

"Any staff member or pupil will still be able to wear a face covering when they wish to do so."

Stirling News: John Swinney confirmed the new guidanceJohn Swinney confirmed the new guidance

Why is this being done?

Mr Swinney added: “There is increasing evidence that face coverings can provide some protection for the wearer as well as those around them.

"We also know that some pupils have found it very difficult to physically distance when moving around school, which could increase the risk of transmission of the virus.

"And on school transport, as on public transport, there can be mixing between different age groups."

What else was said?

Mr Swinney said: “We want to continue to protect what we have achieved in suppressing the virus and re-opening schools, and to do the best for children in schools.

"Alongside this change to the wearing of face coverings, we need to reinforce the importance of maintaining high standards of cleaning, personal hand and respiratory hygiene and physical distancing, where possible.

"In situations where there is a local cluster, use of face coverings throughout the day may be required.

“The position will be kept under review to ensure that our approach remains commensurate with the evidence and the levels of transmission in Scotland.”