Pupils and parents across Scotland can have their say on the future of SQA exams following the recent results fiasco.

Last week the Scottish Government made a U-turn due to anger over nearly 125,000 results being downgraded from teacher estimates by the SQA’s controversial moderation system.

Those results were later withdrawn, reverting to the original teacher estimates following an outcry from pupils in the form of protests and an online petition, political pressure and threat of a no-confidence vote in Education Secretary John Swinney.

The SQA website states that “planning for the 2021 examination diet is underway and will continue, it is important that the education system has plans in place to ensure we can cope with any disruptions”.

The add that there needs to be “appropriate balance” between learning, teaching and assessment in the courses.

Following on from the Mr Swinney’s statement, the SQA launched two consultations to gather feedback on modifications to qualifications and adjustments to the 2021 exam timetable.

How can I have my say?

There are two different consultations being run by the SQA.

A technical consultation and survey are available on the proposed modifications for each course.

What is the current 2021 timetable?

The planned 2021 exam timetable will start on April 26, 2021 and finish on June 3, 2021.

What have the Scottish Government said?

John Swinney said: “Coronavirus has had, and will likely continue to have, an impact on learning, teaching and assessment over the coming year.

“I am aware that many teachers will be keen to understand fully the arrangements for the assessment of national qualifications in 2021.

“The Education Recovery Group has discussed a number of options in relation to this, and I welcome this consultation exercise by the SQA examining options for possible course modifications that could help to support the delivery of learning, whilst maintaining the validity, credibility and standard of qualifications.”

Full details can be found on the SQA website here.