MORE Stirling school children are to be equipped with digital devices by the autumn term as part of a council initiative.

Stirling Council this week announced it will aspire to provide a Chromebook laptop computer for all secondary school pupils as well as children in upper primary school.

The move is to ensure young people have the skills to thrive in an increasingly digital workplace and society while it will also ensure the local authority is prepared to put into action contingency plans for a blended school model.

Young people in S2 and S3 already have access to a Chromebook as part of an earlier initiative to supply technology in a rolling programme.

With additional investment by the council, supplemented by a Scottish Government Digital Inclusion Grant, the aim is to roll out additional devices to everyone from P6 to S6.

Councillor Susan McGill, convener of Stirling Council's Children and Young People Committee, said: “The council’s successful Chromebook initiative ensured we were a leading light in Scotland for digital learning before the current crisis.

“Since the closure of schools at the start of the pandemic, there has been a focus on increasing levels of digital inclusion to support learning and we have accelerated our plans to roll out these devices across our settings.

“Our significant investment in this modern, safe and reliable technology shows our commitment to ensuring our children and young people are equipped with the digital tools they need to succeed and achieve their potential.”