SCOTLAND's NHS medical and dental staff are to receive nearly a 3% pay rise, it has been announced.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman confirmed the boost - which would be above inflation - to ensure senior medical staff in Scotland "continue to be the best paid in the UK."

The move was announced after Chancellor Rishi Sunak said public-sector workers south of the border who have been on the front line of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic will be given a pay rise.

How much has been announced?

The payrise will amount to 2.8%, and will be backdated to April 1 of this year.

What is happening in England?

Doctors, teachers and police officers in England are among the almost 900,000 workers who will benefit, with teachers and doctors receiving the largest increases at 3.1% and 2.8% respectively, according to the Treasury.

Stirling News: Health Secretary Jeane FreemanHealth Secretary Jeane Freeman

What did the Scottish Government say?

Ms Freeman paid tribute to the “hard work and dedication” of NHS staff.

She said: “The continued hard work and dedication of staff makes our NHS the treasured institution it is and ensures that the people of Scotland continue to receive world-class healthcare.

“This uplift demonstrates that we fully value all our medical and dental staff and the important contribution they make.”

The Health Secretary added: “It’s crucial that we continue to not only recruit and build our future NHS workforce but also retain expertise within NHS Scotland.

“This announcement means that our senior medical staff will continue to be the best paid in the UK.

“This will help to ensure that NHS Scotland remains an attractive employment option for medical and dental staff.”