THE Health Secretary has today revealed the easing of measures on people shielding in Scotland during lockdown.

Initially, the Scottish Government asked people to shield until July 31 but stated that there would be periodical easing of restrictions throughout July.

But during the daily coronavirus briefing today, Jeane Freeman confirmed a number of changes – that will take place from Friday.

What will change?

From Friday, those who are shielding will no longer require to distance themselves from those they live with.

Those in single parent households or who live on their own will also be able to form an extended household group in the same way as the rest of the population can, including being able to visit someone in their home or stay overnight without having to socially distance.

Ms Freeman also said that those who are in this category will also be able to book holiday accommodation or go to a second home, provided these do not have shared facilities with other households.

However, the Health Secretary “strongly advised” that this is only done with people in the same household or as part of an extended household.

The Health Secretary also said that those who are shielding will be able to meet up with people from two households outdoors, in the same way as the rest of the population, as well as go inside to use the toilet.

What did the Health Secretary say?​

Ms Freeman said: “I hope the changes that we have announced and those that I hope will continue to come will help to ease what I know has been an extraordinary burden that shielding has placed on you over the past few months.

“I can’t say enough to express how grateful I am to you for following the advice. It has been stressful, I know at times it has felt frightening and I know at times it has felt restrictive.

“Right now we can begin to ease those restrictions because of the falling infection rate. Right now if you follow these precautions our clinical advisers tell us that the risk of you catching the virus is low – that is very different from the beginning of the pandemic, as well you know.

“I hope that you are able to resume much more of your lives than you have been advised to be able to do in the last few months.”

Letters will be sent to people in the shielding category from Thursday, Ms Freeman said.