THE lighting of the iconic National Wallace Monument in the colours of the rainbow will be streamed live online tomorrow.

At 11pm on Wednesday, June 17, the 76 metre tall tower be illuminated to become a beacon of hope – and people can watch live via the monument's Facebook page.

The Wallace Monument has been bathed in the colours of the rainbow since May 1 with hundreds of people sharing striking images online.

For one night only, marketing executive Katie McKay will climb the 246 steps to the monument's crown and capture the transformation via Facebook Live.

She said: “We have been overwhelmed by the numbers of images shared of the National Wallace Monument since the beginning of May.

“Clearly it has captured peoples’ hearts and we want to extend that further bringing it to a wider audience.

“While many miss being able to visit the monument, we hope that this will remind our visitors of what is on offer.

“We also have an online learning resource and shop allowing people to stay connected with this incredible structure that has inspired so many in good times and in more difficult days as we are experiencing just now.”

Follow the Facebook page here to receive an alert when the stream goes live.