THE National Wallace Monument has been illuminated in the seven colours of the rainbow as a show of solidarity during dark and difficult days.

The monument has taken on the rainbow hue since Friday, May 1, and in doing so it has joined millions of people who have adopted the rainbow as a symbol of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chair of Stirling District Tourism, Zillah Jamieson, said: “It is a simple act that acknowledges the bravery and courage of all those who are committed to caring for others and to keeping Scotland safe for the future.”

The National Wallace Monument is closed at present, but plans are being drawn up to re-open the attraction when it is safe to do so.

But it is offering online educational resources just now, with virtual tours, educational videos, and an online shop all available by clicking here.   

The National Wallace Monument commemorates the life and legacy of William Wallace, patriot, martyr and guardian of Scotland.

The attraction, which is managed and operated by Stirling District Tourism, marked its 150th Anniversary in 2019.