MUSICIANS are banding together to lift spirits through live streaming performances, all while raising funds for good causes in the wider area.

Alloa guitarist Iain Donald, known to many as "The Gator", has drummed up an impressive line-up to take turns performing on a dedicated social media page in a bid to bring some human connections into people's living rooms throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

And while they are jamming to bring a welcome distraction from the current dreadful news, they will also be raising cash for Play Alloa, Home-Start Stirling and the Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health.

Iain, along with Adele Gavin, has already been performing via live stream on Facebook once or twice a week as Sister Gavin and The Gator and have been blown away by appreciative comments since the nationwide lockdown began.

The idea to take it further came naturally and he has since been at a loss of words at the enthusiasm, support and generosity of others from the music scene.

Iain, who proudly hails from Alloa's bottom end, teamed up with his friend Sarah McDaid, who received praise for her part in bringing the project about.

With both coming from the deprived area, they were keen to pick some charities that support folks in need.

Iain, who is a butcher by day, told the Advertiser: "I still have a full-time job, I am still employed every day [as a key worker during this crisis].

"I'm still making money and I look around me and I see how many people don't have that – I felt really bad instantly because I come from these harder areas, I grew up in the bottom end of Alloa."

Keen not to sit idly, even after a hard day of grafting, he decided to look for fellow artists who would be keen to lend their talent, bring some smiles to faces, all while raising much-needed funds for good causes.

On board are Adam Donaldson, a very familiar name around the Falkirk music scene, and Stirling's Laura Begley who has been on The Voice.T

They are joined by, Aaron Fallon, Alloa youngster Joseph Hewer, Erin Ramsay, Martin Mullady, Sarah Monteith-Skelton of Primes, Aaron Wright, Audrey McGregor Williams and Ian Whitfield.

Iain, who will also perform with Sister Gavin, joked that while they could not quite afford Lewis Capaldi, they did actually manage to secure his brother Warren – just to throw another big name into the mix.

With some many musicians now involved, the range of charities picked represent the wide area all the talent comes from.

Having secured some prominent performers, Iain felt "overwhelmed" at the generosity and wanted to give a massive thank you to all that helped, saying he "could not have done it alone".

A nod of appreciation also goes to Natalia Garbacz for translating everything to get the Polish community involved as well.

The very first live streamed session on Facebook will go ahead on Sunday, April 12.

For more information, visit and follow the page.

Those looking to donated can do so by visiting