ONLY six fixed penalty notices have been issued under coronavirus emergency legislation by police in the Forth Valley.

The figure was revealed by Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone last week as the thanked the public for their overwhelming support and co-operation through the first week of new regulations on social distancing.

The rules are designed to save lives and protect the NHS during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Under the Coronavirus Act 2020, officers can issue penalty notices of £60, reduced to half, if paid within 28 days.

To do so officers must have reason to believe there has been an offence under the new regulations.

People are required to stay at home, save for key staff who need to work for instance in healthcare or at supermarkets, are allowed outside to go to do essential shopping once a day along with one form of exercise.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 also allow officers to close businesses and premises which flout the government's guidance.

Scotland's most senior police officer said: "Everyone must contribute to the national effort to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and I am grateful to the vast majority who have made significant changes to their daily habits and routines.

"I expect the high levels of co-operation to continue as awareness and understanding of the guidance increases.

"Stay indoors, stay safe, protect the NHS and save lives."

The regulations will be reviewed every 21 days due to the exceptional nature of these powers.