THE land train in Stirling is to be named Choo Choo McGoo, following a public vote.

By far the most popular with voters in an online poll, the suggestion from a three-year-old Tullibody girl beat the competition from five other names.

Merryn Nicolson, the young girl behind the idea, and her family will be guests of honour at a naming ceremony later this year, organised by Go Forth Stirling Business Improvement District, which runs the land train attraction.

Merryn, her parents Amber Rose and Andy as well as sister Cara are regular land train users and the youngster always refers to the train as Choo Choo.

Her mum Amber Rose explained: “She loves riding on the land train and calls the train Choo Choo so that’s where the idea for the name came from.

“We decided to have a go when we saw the competition advertised and once the name was shortlisted, we had a lot of support from family and the local community who all voted for Merryn’s idea.

“I’m over the moon that she won and she’s very chuffed with herself.

“She’s a real chatterbox and loves the idea that the land train will now be called Choo Choo McGoo.

“We thought it was an easy and simple name which sums up the fun the land train offers to families and I’m delighted other people thought it was a good name too.”

Picked from more than 100 entries, the shortlist also included some other creative suggestions like The Wallace Wanderer, Mary Train of Scots, Robbie ColTrain, Liam the Land Train and The Forth Flyer.

However, Choo Choo McGoo was a clear favourite, drawing as many as 51.23 per cent of all votes.

The Wallace Wanderer took second place with just over 15 per cent of votes cast while The Forth Flyer was third with 10.92 per cent.

Danielle McRorie-Smith, chair of Go Forth Stirling, said: “The land train has become a real landmark in Stirling and we thought a naming competition would be a great way to have some fun and come up with a new name.”

Merryn, mum Amber Rose, dad Andy and nine-year-old sister Cara will take part in the special relaunch ceremony but are also set to enjoy a fun family day out in Stirling after receiving gift vouchers for Napizza, Tinkerbells Emporium and the Vue.