STIRLING MSP Bruce Crawford recently met with the Dogs Trust in Parliament to discuss the results of the recent consultation from the Scottish Government on fireworks.

Of those who responded to the public consultation, 70 per cent said that they had been affected by fireworks used in an irresponsibly or unsafe way.

Furthermore, 94 per cent said that they want better regulations around fireworks, with 87 per cent in support of an outright ban of the sale of fireworks to the public in Scotland.

Mr Crawford said: “Dogs Trust have been at the front of a campaign to make the use of fireworks safer for household pets.

“November and December can be pretty terrifying times of year for animals, with Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas and New Year celebrations taking place.

“In some circumstances, the impact of the noise and disruption that fireworks have can be devastating to animals.”

The report by the Scottish Government, published in October last year, gathered 16,420 responses and was intended to gain public view on the use and regulation of fireworks in Scotland.

Mr Crawford added: “The result of the Scottish Government’s consultation on fireworks last year found a majority of people favouring much tougher regulations when it comes to the sale of fireworks to individual members of the public.

"There are questions around how this could be achieved, including how willing the UK Government is to exercise the powers reserved to Westminster on matters involving the sale of goods.

“However, organisations like the Dogs Trust are doing a power of work in educating people and fronting this campaign. I look forward to their updates and to supporting moves to make our communities safer and more inclusive.”