A MASTERPLAN to renovate the historic building of Bannockburn House received the backing of the local MP.

Mr Stephen Kerr met with representatives of Bannockburn House Trust to hear about the ongoing work, which includes pursuing funding opportunities like the £15million culture budget of the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal.

Stephen gave his backing to the volunteers following what was a successful visitor season and met Penny Ellis, chair of the trust.

He said: “The commitment and sheer hard work of the volunteers is incredible as they continue to progress the renovation of this nationally important building.

“It would help enormously if decisions could start being made by those responsible for the City Region Deal regarding allocations from the cultural fund part.

“The trust really need to get the green light to start work and having that money attributed to their project will aid other funding applications a great deal by demonstrating the commitment from the council.”

Penny Ellis added: “The trust really appreciated Stephen taking the time out of his busy schedule to discuss our master planning proposals and to know that he supports the project.

“Our aims and ambitions are to develop a resource for the people of Bannockburn, a place they can call their own, as well as another important visitor attraction for the City of Stirling so we recognise the importance of working together.

“Bannockburn House is owned by the community and is run by a fantastic team of volunteers who, I know will also appreciate the recognition of all their hard work and commitment to the project.”