MORE than 40 trees are to be felled to protect a public path near Dunblane War Memorial.

Stirling Council submitted a planning application to remove 42 poplar trees, which have been deemed a public safety risk following a survey.

It was discovered that, due to the age of the trees, there is an imminent danger of falling branches, according to the local authority.

Information signs have been erected at the site and a diversion is in place for pedestrians.

Councillor Jim Thomson, convener of the Environment and Housing Committee, said: “Public safety is always our top priority, so we want to take the at-risk trees down before any accidents happen.

“Our woodlands are important assets that help with biodiversity and improving air quality, and we will schedule a replacement tree programme which can be implemented in the forthcoming planting season.”

Cllr Danny Gibson, vice convener, added: “We appreciate that many people feel a deep personal connection to historic woodlands such as that at Dunblane War Memorial.

“Unfortunately, in the interest of public safety these trees need to be removed and when planting new replacements we will engage with the Dunblane Development Trust and community council before taking a final decision on which species will be used.”