STIRLING MSP Bruce Crawford has praised the Scottish Government’s Big Climate Conversation, following a recent event in Stirling. 

The purpose of the conversation is to engage members of the public in discussing ways they would be willing to help the Scottish Government reach the net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2045.

The event, held in the Stirling Engine Shed on July 24, aimed to involve young people in the nation-wide consultation. 

Mr Crawford MSP said: “This was a great opportunity to engage young people in discussing how we can work together to reach our emissions targets. 

“Climate change is the biggest threat we face for future generations, and it's crucial that we act now to limit the damage and reverse it where we can.

“Scotland’s target of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 is the most ambitious in the UK, and it will impact on every area of government, business and our daily home lives. 

“Young people will be impacted the most by the effects of climate change, which is why it is so important that they have a seat at the table when discussing how we can work together to heal our planet.”