OLDER people in Bridge of Allan had the chance to try a unique group to tackle loneliness and dementia through sport and reminiscence.

Tenants at Strathallan Court have been attending the sport-focused reminiscent group, run by Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland.

They have been enjoying sport quizzes, pretend horse racing bets and watching old sport DVDs, all with the aim of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Sandra Nicol, retirement development manager at the court, explained: “Our Sporting Memories group runs at Strathallan Court every second Thursday and is filled with hard core sports fans who really enjoy it.

“It’s a great chance for tenants to come together and get chatting about something they are all so passionate about.

“It keeps them sharp and on their toes.”

The foundation brings together younger generations and isolated older people and now runs more than 30 volunteer-led weekly sports clubs and 25 other memory groups.

Gordon McGown, who gives up some of his free time to lead the group at Strathallan Court, said: “I really enjoy volunteering my time as we have great conversations about past and present sporting legends.

“Most of the time, the tenants are that excited for the next session that I tell them in advance what it is going to be on so they have time research and learn more facts.

“Both the tenants and I get so much out of the group - it is a way to engage in conversation based on the much-loved common interest of sport.”

Tenant Joseph Carr, 78, added: “The Sporting Memories group is really great.

“Alongside the agenda of activities set for the day, we also have discussions on anything to do with sport.

“We find out new things about fellow tenants, from stories of participation to high profile name drops. It is truly fascinating.

“My favourite part about the group is the right old hearty laughs we have together.”