STIRLING'S councillors have given their support to a life-changing online platform that will give easy access to pre-loved school clothing.

At a full council meeting on June 27, Stirling Council approved the transfer of £8,000 from the budget for universal sanitary provision to support the online platform over the next two years.

With 19% of children in the Stirling area living in poverty, this online platform could reduce the stigma of seeking help by making it easy, anonymous and modern to source pre-loved school clothes online at no cost.

Stirling Council would be among the first local authorities in Scotland to host such an online platform.

In a report previously submitted to the Council, officers highlighted that parents and families can be too proud or embarrassed to seek help from school or third parties due to perceived stigma associated with asking for help.

The online platform will be available to all citizens of Stirling to source pre-loved school clothing at no cost. All donations will be laundered and anonymised prior to dispatching and clothes would be posted directly to the recipient’s home address at no cost.

The funding for the portal was previously earmarked for universal sanitary provision, however due to a grant from the Scottish Government, Stirling Council funding was not required for the roll out of this service.

The pre-loved clothing online platform is to be carried out in three phases:

·         Phase One – School session 2019/2020 including nurseries and primary schools

·         Phase Two- School session 2020/2021 extending to high schools

·         Phase Three – School session 2020/2021 begin to include prom dresses and prom suits.

With the academic year coming to a close, the council has asked all parents and guardians to hold on to school uniforms they wish to donate to the platform until nearer the end of the summer holidays in August.

Questions can be sent via email to

Councillor Susan McGill, Convener of the Children and Young People Committee said: “This new online platform is a welcome investment in our young people’s futures.

“Access to clothing is an important part of helping children get the best from their education as uniforms encourage a sense of pride in students and equality with their peer groups.

"This is about giving all children and families equal opportunities no matter what their background is.”