THE name of the world’s first-ever Highland Coosmonaut has been announced as BuzzBó, following a national competition by VisitScotland as part of a major new campaign.

Seven-year-old Peter Lunan from Dunblane won the competition to name the heroic cuddly toy Highland coo (Scots word for cow), which is set to be launched into ‘near space’ as part of VisitScotland’s tourism campaign, Scotland is Out of this World.

Peter has aptly named the Coosmonaut after famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the Gaelic word for cow, Bó, pronounced bow.

Scotland is Out of this World was launched in May to mark the 50th anniversary of the national tourist board. The anniversary coincides with another golden commemoration – the Apollo 11 mission and US astronaut Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the lunar surface.

For the last few weeks primary school-aged children across Scotland were invited by VisitScotland to name the Coosmonaut which will be sent almost 40,000 metres into the stratosphere wearing a Clan Armstrong tartan spacesuit.

Peter’s mother, Angela Lunan, said her son was absolutely delighted to win the competition.

She said: “Peter was bouncing around when he heard that he had won, shouting that it is ‘awesome’ and he ‘couldn’t believe it.’

“When he first found out about the competition he set to work straight away drawing what he imagined BuzzBó might look like. He wanted to make sure the Highland Coosmonaut was wearing tartan somewhere to show that he is from Scotland. He asked me what the Gaelic word for cow was and when he was told that it was Bó, he immediately responded with BuzzBò.

“With Peter being only 7 years old I initially thought Buzz was inspired by a character in Toy Story but Peter said that he thought of Buzz because of Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon.

“Peter has entertained his little brother, Isaac, with an imaginary story of BuzzBó and his cosmic adventures ever since he first submitted his entry to the competition. Now that BuzzBó has been chosen as the name for the Highland Coosmonaut, Peter’s imaginary story will become even more meaningful to him and Isaac.”

VisitScotland Regional Director Neil Christison congratulated Peter on his win. He said: “We have been delighted with the response to our competition to name the Highland Coosmonaut from schoolchildren across Scotland. The judges had a difficult task selecting the winner from such a high calibre of entries and my congratulations go to Peter for coming up with a fitting name for our adventurer.

“For 50 years VisitScotland has helped position Scotland as a must-visit destination to audiences across the world. The Scotland is Out of this World campaign is an opportunity to delve into the past and celebrate our country’s ancestral links to one of the greatest moments in history, as well as explore the innovations and attractions that engage with audiences fascinated with the night sky.

VisitScotland has teamed up with Sent Into Space to send the toy Highland cow into the sky attached to a weather balloon – with footage of its journey released in time for the Moon landing’s anniversary.

The public can track the Highland Coosmonaut’s training regime in a series of films on social media using the hashtag #Coosmonaut. The campaign will explore Scotland’s links to space exploration, innovation and astronomy and a visitor trail focusing on those links is also planned.

Scotland is Out of this World is one of a series of activities created this year to mark VisitScotland’s 50th anniversary. The Development of Tourism Act came into force in 1969 – the same year as the Moon landing – and an official Scottish Tourist Board was established with government funding.

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