A CALLANDER woman has completed a gruelling one-day sea-to-sea cycle challenge for charity.

Isla Routledge saddled up for Parkinson’s UK, a cause close to her heart as her mother has the condition, and raised a whopping £2,600 in the process.

She and pal Kirsten, along with husband Steven and mum Anne in the support car, were riding for more than 15 hours.

Isla said: “For the first 85 miles the weather was mostly kind to us but then as we rode one of the really tough uphill sections, black clouds gathered and the heavens opened.

“By the time we’d reached the 100mile mark, where we’d planned a support meeting point, we were thoroughly drenched, cold and miserable.

“Thankfully there was a cafe there in the middle of nowhere where we had a wonderful cup of tea, a rest and the chance to dry off.

“We were then good to go for the final 40 miles. Riding into Tynemouth to finish the ride was a great feeling; we were aching and saddle sore but there were smiles all round at what we had achieved.

“My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015 and it has been difficult seeing the progression of the condition.

“She sometimes struggles with simple tasks like fastening buttons and using a knife and fork to eat.

“Being an artist, she is still able to paint, and this creativity keeps her upbeat.

“Before the diagnosis I didn’t really think about how Parkinson’s affected people but seeing someone close to me with the condition has made it very real. This gave me the determination to do this ride and not give up.

“Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored me and encouraged me on this journey! I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to raise an incredible £2,600 for Parkinson’s UK.”

Visit justgiving.com/fundraising/isla-routledge3 to donate.