IMMUNISATIONS for children at specialist vaccination clinics are set to be rolled out in Stirling this summer.

The move, which will initially focus on babies and young children in the city and later move to rural areas, follows a successful pilot in the neighbouring Clackmannanshire area by NHS Forth Valley.

The trial saw youngsters registered with seven GP practices receiving their vaccines at two locations.

Dr Henry Prempeh, consultant in public health medicine at NHS Forth Valley, said: “There has been a gradual increase in vaccine preventable diseases across Europe and the rest of the world, even England has seen a three-fold rise in cases measles.

“Now, more than ever, we need to ensure that we continue to provide a safe and accessible vaccination service to the residents of Forth Valley.

“These vaccination clinics run buy our specialist immunisation team will enable us to take the service to where it is most needed.”

Vaccinations are one of the most effective public health interventions; between birth and the age of 14, children now receive 20 doses of 11 different vaccines.