DOUNE Castle near Stirling has been renamed Winterfell to celebrate the legacy of HBO’s Game of Thrones series.

Following the most anticipated finale in television history, the castle was one of four locations across the country to be transformed into the World of Westeros.

As part of the Kingdom-wide takeover, Doune Castle, London’s Covent Garden, Essex and Blackpool all pledged their allegiance by unveiling signs with their new names.

Now, people have the opportunity to relive and celebrate the show’s fictional locations.

Gillian MacDonald, of Historic Environment Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to be involved with the Game of Thrones takeover.

“Doune Castle was featured as the location for Winterfell in the pilot episode so it’s fantastic to be chosen as the much-loved Westeros location now that the series is coming to an end.

“We hope fans of Game of Thrones across the country will visit Doune Castle and enjoy walking in the footsteps of Jon Snow and the Starks.”

The signs will be on display for a limited time to mark the digital download release of the show’s final season.