Advertising feature:

Fairview International School represents the largest network of International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools in Malaysia, catering to 3000 students of 55 nationalities.

The diversity of the student population nurtures an environment of internationalism and fosters an understanding, respect and appreciation for different cultures and traditions; elements which are core to Fairview’s values.

As Fairview’s inaugural campus in the UK, Fairview Beaconhurst will offer the IB programme alongside the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, with a particular emphasis in the fields of mathematics and science.

Opening in August 2019, Fairview Beaconhurst will initially welcome students from Primary 1 to Senior 2 (ages 4 to 13) with the rest of the Senior School set to open in August 2020. 

Fairview School has a proven track record of academic excellence. Over the last six years, Fairview students have averaged an impressive 35 points in the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), equivalent to two As and two Bs in the Scottish Advanced Highers.

Moreover, nearly half of all students have been awarded between 36 and 40 points (equivalent to 4As in the Advanced Highers).

Fairview’s scores have also consistently ranked above the world average, most notably in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Mandarin and Visual Arts. 

At Fairview Beaconhurst, children are encouraged to develop meaningful connections between their learning and personal experiences, with a strong focus on meaningful action.

By supporting such connections to their own experiences, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and fully engage with the educational opportunities that are available. 

Take for example a nine-year old child in Primary 5 learning about conflict resolution for the first time.

By first considering the purpose of organisations such as the United Nations and examples of successful conflict resolution throughout history, the class then decides collaboratively what they perceive are priorities for conflict resolution; in this particular example communication and respect for others were concluded to be the basis for conflict resolution.

Children are then assessed to demonstrate their understanding of conflict resolution through their chosen contemporary global topic and presentation format which can take the form of posters, blogs, videos and interviews among others. 

To decide on his chosen contemporary global topic a recent student drew from a conversation between his parents over a newspaper article - the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan.

By engaging with his parents during subsequent discussions of the issue not only was he inspired by it but it had also formed the basis for his assessment.

Both parents were surprised and gratified by their child’s independent thought and self-directed approach, age notwithstanding.

Fairview Beaconhurst will host its next Open Days on 24 and 28 April, with mock lessons available for advance booking.

Places are limited to two sessions on each Open Day and registration via the school’s website is encouraged.

Additionally, there will be an exclusive sale of previous Beaconhurst uniforms on 28 April with all proceeds donated to a local charity.