PERSONAL trainer has begun offering free sessions to people dealing with mental health problems.

Dan Hancock realised when meeting with potential clients that a lot of their body issues had deeper meanings and decided that he would begin trying to help.

He is now offering a free session, which would last around an hour, to talk one-to-one in a bid to get them working out with confidence.

The aim of the initiative is to give people the self-belief to come to the gym on their own, as research shows exercising is great for the mind.

Dan, who lives in Alloa, told the Advertiser: "I have been a personal trainer for four years and I have been noticing that people come to me and want to change their body, but there is usually underlying issues with confidence or mental health.

"I have opened this up to people who are suffering with depression, anxiety and things like that.

"It will be a free PT session to show them how to exercise and how it's possible to de-stress in the gym.

"I want them to become self-sufficient and to be able to come and do it themselves."

With that in mind, Dan stressed that he isn't offering this as a way of boosting his own client list – far from it.

He continued: "I am not wanting to get anymore clients and I don't want this to be a way to get new clients. If it goes on to help people then great."

Dan, who works in Stirling's PureGym, added that many will often open up to him during the course of their sessions, as working out generally relaxes people and allows them to talk more.

"I don't probe, but some people give wee bits of information," he said. "It comes out naturally in conversation.

"Exercise makes you open up more. Some of the things people tell me are mental.

"I love my job, but it has become more rewarding seeing people make changes. People do open up to me and I like that I can give them some advice.

"If they give out little bits of information, then I'll happily encourage them to open up a bit more if they're comfortable."

Anyone wishing to speak to Dan about his offer, you can email him on