STIRLING Men’s Shed received praise in parliament last week as a debate on the wider movement took place at Holyrood.

Local MSP Bruce Crawford, who officially opened the area’s shed last month, highlighted how it has helped provide a sense of purpose for men of retirement age.

During his speech, the MSP said: “Earlier this year, I was honoured to officially open the Men’s Shed in Stirling.

“I would like to thank a remarkable man, Tipp Maher, for all the fantastic work that he has done in establishing the men’s shed in Stirling.

“I am proud to say that I am now a member of the Stirling Men’s Shed—I became one a few weeks ago, because of my great age.

“I am just preparing for when I am 80 or 90 and decide to slow down.

“The shed is situated in Creative Stirling’s creative hub on King Street, and it is a brilliant space for socialising and for building, creating and fixing not just objects, but people.

“It has instilled a sense of purpose and belonging in its members. I hope that that brilliant organisation can reach out and have the same impact on many more men in the future.”

Later, he added: “This debate was an excellent opportunity to talk about what the Stirling Men’s Shed means to people here in my constituency.

“Far too often, men of retirement age fall into a repetitive cycle of existing and no more. They lose their sense of purpose and belonging as they make the difficult transition from working life to retirement.

“The Men’s Shed movement gives men – as well as women – the chance to work together on projects. The sense of community and the social element of it has a huge impact on mental health and wellbeing.”