A PASSIONATE and energetic solo by Ewan Downie, re-imagining the classic Greek myth Achilles, arrives at Macrobert Arts Centre on Sat 6 Apr at 7.30pm.

Weaving together ancient Greek song, text and movement, Achilles tells the story of the greatest hero of the Greeks during the Trojan War: how his best friend is killed by the champion of the Trojans, his desperate grief, and his terrible vengeance. The 2019 tour follows sell-out performances at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre and the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival.

Ewan, who performed in Song of the Goat Theatre’s Fringe First and Herald Archangel winning Song of Lear, said: “I've been fascinated by the Greek myths since an early age, and in particular by the story of Achilles. His rage at the killing of his best friend, his failure to face his grief, and his bloody revenge have always struck me as deeply disturbing and at the same time deeply human.

“We live in a time where the public display of rage is a daily sport. Achilles shows us where this particular rabbit hole goes. When we snuff out our empathy and give primacy to our hurt emotions, each one of us is capable of great destruction.

“The piece has been made in layers, laid down like sediment over time, and although the layers relate to each other, they don't necessarily give the same perspective on the story. I've tried to leave gaps for the imagination, for the audience to fill in their own versions of the story.”