Community imagination has been sparked by Your Stirling: You Decide as Participatory Budgeting is rolled out in Stirling.

More than 100 ideas have been submitted by the public so far following the official launch on February 27, spanning topics such as park and path upgrades, as well as projects to improve the environment and access to walking and cycling.

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Scott Farmer, said: “The response has been excellent so far and there’s a real sense of pride to see how engaged our residents are in their local areas.

“Many of the ideas that have come in reflect our own priorities as a Council so it’s great to see the community’s passion reflected in our own strategies.

“I’d encourage anyone who’s seen our teams out and about, or seen our social media posts advertising the guidance and events, to head to the website and check it out. All the information is there and it’s very simple to get involved.”

Your Stirling: You Decide, gives the people of Stirling a direct say over how and where part of Stirling Council’s budget is spent, heralding a new age of community level democracy.

Commonly known as Participatory Budgeting, Stirling’s version of the initiative is backed by an injection of £700,000 from the Council in its first year, with £100,000 allocated to each of the Council’s seven wards.

In the first year, the focus will be on infrastructure and environment projects and there are three simple steps to the process:

The public generate ideas

People vote for their preferences

The projects with the most votes are funded.

Deputy leader of Stirling Council, Cllr Danny Gibson, said: “It’s important people continue to engage with this while the ideas stage is still open.

“If you want to take the opportunity to have your say on how the money will be spent in your area, now’s the time to get involved.”

Engagement with the community has already begun to help explain the process, with the Council’s Communities team visiting Community Councils and local groups and events.

This week, officers will visit another six Community Councils and host drop-ins at local events in Balfron, Raploch, Plean and Drymen.

The Council’s Youth Services are also spreading the message at groups and Play in the Park events, and will have visited Cornton, Raploch, Hillpark, Cowie, Plean, Cultenhove and both Stirling High and the Raploch Campus Friday Night Football and Twilight Basketball groups by the end of the week.

Teams will also be visible at the Thistles Shopping Centre and the Peak while the ideas phase continues.

Details on all upcoming roadshows, drop ins and events are also via the official web pages on the Stirling Council website