STIRLING MP Stephen Kerr has written to Scotrail for a second time asking for details as to why the main toilets at the city's train station have been closed for months. 

The elected rep claimed a number of constituents had contacted him to express their frustration at the facilities' closure. 

He said: "Scotrail are already extremely unpopular due to the poor service and recent timetable changes that have affected many commuters from the Stirling area.

"To add insult to injury the toilets at the main station have been closed for months and there appears no urgency to get this problem sorted.

"Given Scotrails appalling record they should want to do everything they can to get this sorted."

The MP claimed to have previously written to the organisation asking for answers but failed to recieved a reply, so has contacted them for a second time. 

He also claimed the only explanation that had been offered for the closure was that the facilities had a "drainage problem". 

When contacted for a comment, Scotrail said temporary toilet facilities had been put in place at Stirling Train Station since November, and referred Stirling News to Network Rail for answers on the progress of repairs - as they are carrying out the work. 

They also said Stephen Kerr will receive a formal response to his letter, and added that his office has had dialogue with them at a recent meeting.

In a statement to rail passangers, they added: “We’re sorry to customers for the inconvenience caused by the toilets being out of service."

Network Rail said: "Engineers have been working to address an issue with the drainage at the toilets. This work is now nearing completion and the toilets should be back in service in the next few days."