A CLEANING company with a daring twist is set to expand into Clackmannanshire in the near future.

Glimmer was set up last year in Edinburgh and is unique in its offerings as employees clean houses in either lingerie or in the nude.

While the venture has certainly raised some eyebrows, founder Victoria Murphy insists it has been warmly received and she has received hundreds of applicants for jobs.

And now the company is looking to expand further afield with Clackmannanshire and Stirling two of the destinations Victoria is looking to tap into.

Explaining how the business got up and running, the 25-year-old told the Advertiser: "When I was looking to start a business I looked at the adult industry. I saw a naked cleaning company in America and I just took it from there.

"I wanted to do something that was different, something which was out of the box.

"It takes people a minute to get their heads round it until I explain the ins and outs. It is quite shocking especially for my mum and dad, people of that generation.

"Generally, though, it has been really positive. People come back so they must enjoy it."

Naturally, there is also the question of safety for the cleaners, who themselves choose if they wish to be topless, in lingerie or fully naked.

Potential clients must provide a photo ID and sign terms and conditions which state that they themselves must be fully clothed and must not touch the cleaner, who can leave at anytime if they feel uncomfortable.

On every first visit to a property, the cleaner will be escorted by car which will stay outside until the job is complete. It is then the staff member's choice if they wish to return alone.

As the company expands, Victoria said they are on the look out for new cleaners in smaller communities such as the Wee County.

Anyone interested in joining Glimmer, or hiring a cleaner, can do so at getglimmer.co.uk

Applicants looking for work must have cleaning experience.