STIRLING residents will have a strong voice in the future of their communities through the formation of 39 Community Councils.

Last year, 30 out of 42 Community Councils successfully formed across the local authority in the first round of elections, with a further nine being established when voting closed on the second round last week.

This maintains the quota of Community Councils which were functioning following the 2013 elections, ensuring a formal tier of local democracy to represent local people in their respective communities.

Overall, nine of the 39 community councils went to ballot due to a surplus of nominations, including two in the second round of elections, Killin and Riverside. This compares to six in 2013.

Cllr Chris Kane, convenor of the Community Planning and Regeneration Committee said: “I am delighted that so many people have taken the chance to get involved and represent their community.

“Community Councils act as a voice for their local area, articulating the views and concerns of their residents on a wide range of issues of public concern, such as planning, consultations and budgets.

“The success of these elections has shown there is a real appetite within the Stirling area for communities to have their say.”

Vice Convenor, Cllr Maureen Bennison added: “The formation of 39 out of 42 community councils is an excellent response from communities across the Stirling area and an advocate for the power of local democracy.

“Community Councils make representations to the local authority, other public sector bodies and private agencies on matters within their local interest, and it is essential that the views of residents be accurately represented through the medium of community councils.”

The three unformed Community Councils are Plean, Hillpark & Milton, and Buchanan. The Council will look to consider ways in which we can connect with citizens in these areas.