THERE is such a calming atmosphere as you sit down to dinner at the Scottish Steakhouse, based at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa.

Tucked neatly away inside the hotel, the restaurant is somewhat partitioned with each area able to boast a unique setting in its own right.

There is the general bar area, which is ample and well staffed, which extends to a handful of tables at the entrance.

In the back there is a bright and appealing cove of tables which resembles a conservatory built into the side of a castle.

Through the archway is another crescent-shaped seating area, bringing visitors back around to the bar.

True to its name, the Scottish Steakhouse offers a selection of steaks and chops, including rump, rib eye, sirloin, fillet, and are all complemented by a variety of rubs and sauces.

Burgers and fish dinners also feature, along with a few eye-catching signature dishes such as beef bourguignon.

The fillet proved to be the steak of choice and is cooked to preference and served with a basket of chips, with tomato and mushroom.

There is no doubt it is a fine piece of meat and handled well by the chef, making it worth the trip from anywhere in central Scotland.

In terms of accompaniments, the onion rings are superb and a cheeky mac 'n' cheese, never goes amiss.

A special note should be given to the starters which are a little more enticing than most – the Stornoway black pudding scotch egg is a real treat.

The grounds of the hotel give the sense of a countryside retreat, though it is within a short distance of the motorway and the power plant.

Staff are also courteous and patient, with some real knowledge of the menu and drinks offerings to help guide the naive of fussy customer.