A STIRLING entrepeneur has lunched a crowdfunder for her latest project - magnetic sticky notes that can be wiped clean and used again. 

Nicola Walters had the idea for "onits" after she struggled to find something to replace the throwaway sticky notes that she was used to using. 

She said: “I see onits as the tool I always wished I had.

“My lightbulb moment occurred in 2015 when I had three months to plan my own wedding.

"I trawled the internet to find a tool that could help me with the management of guests, seating plans and so on.

"I started using sticky notes on a wall but they would just fall off. I wouldn’t dare open a window for fear my plan would literally fly out of it.

"I searched the market for an alternative solution – something that would stick to a wall, was fun, colourful, engaging and re-useable to avoid waste. I never found that solution so I created onits”.

As an experienced business trouble-shooter with a stronng understanding of how people work effectively, Nicola designed onits as both a sustainable and fun tool designed to improve personal organization and collective working.

Nicola's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign started on September 24, and will run for six weeks. 

To find out more about Nicola's project, and about onits, click here