STIRLING Council’s provost Christine Simpson will take to the streets with the city's pastors to find out first-hand about the work they do. 

Stirling Street Pastors were named as the provost’s official charity for 2018 in June.

The group of 26 Christian volunteers from local churches patrol Stirling city centre on Friday and Saturday nights – helping care for vulnerable people who are drunk or sleeping rough.

Simpson said: “All  year round, these volunteers selflessly take to the streets of the city centre offering all manner of support from first aid to even just handing out flip-flops or teas or coffee.

“As Christmas approaches and the city centre gets busy with festive revellers, it is reassuring to know that these selfless volunteers or on hand should anyone need a little help.

“It is an incredible job that they do and I’m looking forward to seeing them in action.”

In 2017, Stirling Street Pastors handed out 345 pairs of flip flops, removed 874 glass bottles from the street, served up 304 hot drinks and water, and supported 143 vulnerable people.

Morag Buxel, the Street Pastors' coordinator, said: “We are humbled to have been chosen as the Provost’s official charity. It is helping us raise awareness of what we do.

“We are not looking for recognition, but anything which allows us to be able to tell people what we’re doing and why has got to be a good thing."