A MAN hailing from Bridge of Allan was recently back in his home town to deliver a lifesaving gift.

Gary Drummond, who know lives in Alloa, secured an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the town and it is now in a secure cabinet on the walls of The Allanwater Café.

It is understood to be the first public access defibrillator in Bridge of Allan and is available in a cardiac arrest emergency, where every second counts.

While funding for the device was secured by Gary and the Forth Valley First Responders charity, local couple Maurice and Ella Bechelli, who are related to the café, donated the cabinet to the community as a golden wedding anniversary present of their own.

It was all smiles when the defibrillator and cabinet were installed on Sunday, September 23, Gary explaining he has been looking forward to that moment for around two years now.

The device is available by calling 999 if a person collapses and stops breathing – call handlers will direct members of the public to the cabinet and provide the code to unlock it.

AEDs speak and come with instructions, but CPR must be employed to keep oxygen circulating around the body.

Training sessions have also been set up for café staff and other businesses.

This was not the first public access defibrillator Gary has posed with, having donated one for Alloa before.

Since then, the number of life saving devices seems to be rocketing across the region.

A social media statement form the café said: “Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

“A kind, well known local couple you may know Maurice and Ella Bechelli bought the cabinet as a Golden Wedding anniversary present to each other donating it to the community. They are always giving and are truly fantastic people. We are proud to call them our parents.

“Also to Gary Drummond and the Forth Valley First Responders who donated the defibrillator.

“This is something we hope will never require use but if it does it could literally be the difference between life and death. And nothing is more important than that.

“Call 999 to use and they will give you all instructions you need. The majority of our staff will be trained in due course and will assist in any way they can.”